The Outlook School

Discovering the exciting world around them is the beginning of your child’s learning experience. The Outlook School provides a special environment for discovery!

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Our Mission:

Your Child will probably spend 16 years in formal education, if not more. Our objective is to supplement your home training with our specialized skills in order to give them the best foundation for a successful school life.


To Achieve this objective, we have established the following goals for our students

Self Confidence

Acceptance of Responsibility

Participation in Planning

Adherence to group decisions

Desire to Learn

Sharing of Ideas and Materials


Important aspects of any nursery school are its staff and its curriculum. A parent may find it difficult to judge these beforehand. They must rely on their own confidence in the school’s directors and its staff. We believe one measure of a school’s quality is its effect on the child’s development. 

At Outlook,we have developed a broad curriculum based on a child’s experiences related to the life around him. Learning in each area is accelerated through the use of the most up-to-date equipment, selected to be at once challenging, rewarding and fun. The child develops creative and manipulative powers, knowledge, skills, and attitudes through: Art, Music, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Each Child Participates in a learning program with emphasis on number concepts, phonics and perceptual development. 

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